Why We Are Important

What is one customer worth?

The three things that contribute to customer retention besides product or service: how your establishment looks, how your establishment sounds, and how your establishment smells. No matter how pleasant your establishment is, what about when the customer walks into the restroom? If the fixtures are dirty or the room has an odor you risk losing a customer. Many people, especially women, will not return to a boutique, restaurant, service station, or auto repair shop if the restroom does not look and smell clean and sanitary.

What is the cost of one sick employee?

In today’s market businesses do not have the luxury of extra manpower. If one of your employees is out sick someone else has to do their job. Your business suffers in efficiency or worse, customer service. However, a larger concern in today’s business could be litigation and lawsuits. If an employee can prove the workplace is what made them sick you could be liable for thousands of dollars. Even if the restroom is not public it certainly should be considered a concern for any employer due to the conditions that make it a prime breeding ground for germs and viruses.

What is the one job that employees do not want?

Many employees view taking care of the fixtures in the restroom as a punishment or the lowest chore of your business, rather than a necessity. No employee wants to reach behind or up under a toilet bowl. And lets face it, not everyone is a good shot.

Where do the most germs and bacteria grow in your establishment?

In the restroom. We know that many viruses, germs, and bacteria are passed by touch, but did you know that these same bacteria and germs cause the odors associated with restrooms? Cleaning is not enough. It takes complete sanitization to ensure a healthy and safe restroom. Unfortunately studies show only 3 out of 100 people properly wash with soap and water. You are going behind those same people touching what they touch, possibly picking up their germs and viruses.